Jewel Apple

Jewel Apple was formed in 1997 under Roche Fruit to offer the highest quality processed apples to our customers. Jewel Apple provides apple slices for products such as apple pies, fillings, and other baking products.

Jewel Apple is committed to building lifelong relationships with our customers. Our state-of-the-art facility with optical sorting, computerized refrigeration control, and a committed team of employees allows us to source, process, and distribute the highest quality products at competitive prices.

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Jewell apple


  • IQF Apples
  • Fresh Apples
  • 7+1 Apples
  • Straight Pack Apples

Cut Size

  • Sliced Apples - Wide range of heel width and slice length sizes available.
  • Diced Apples - Sizes range from 1/4”
  • Cube - 3/4” Cube


  • IQF Apples - 30#, 40#, and Bulk Tote
  • Fresh Apples - 25#, 30#, 40# and Bulk Tote
  • 7+1, Straight Pack - 28#, 30# Pailsd

Washington Fruit Growers

In July of 2020, Washington Fruit & Produce and Yakima Fresh, Roche Fruit’s sales company, merged to form a single sales company, Washington Fruit Growers. This merger brought Roche Fruit the unique opportunity to partner with other long-term, quality-focused, family-owned organizations, each with over a century of experience. Roche Fruit will continue to operate its own farming and packing operations, brining another packing line to the Washington Fruit Growers portfolio.

With family roots dating back to the early 1900s and shared time-tested values, Washington Fruit Growers is an unparalleled industry leader committed to building and maintaining relationships with customers. Washington Fruit Growers combined experience gets fruit into stores on time.

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Wa fruit growers

Office Phone: (509) 457-6177

Logistics phone: (509) 834-6714